Good Plans

Automate and Optimize

Manage the physician, nurse, clinic staff, room and equipment schedules for outpatient clinics through one dynamic, interlinked schedule

Kezava CMS is a holistic solution for automating manual Excel, paper, and legacy-system-based scheduling processes into web and mobile enabled applications with business analytics, dashboards and real-time notifications.

The solution is easy to configure for your varied clinic needs and easily adapts as your clinic processes evolve.


Cincinnati Children’s Cardiology Division implements Kezava CMS to automate, integrate and optimize its ambulatory clinic operations.

Kezava CMS Overview


End-to-end scheduling integration

All scheduling processes are automated and integrated into a cohesive calendar. Changes are updated seamlessly across physician, nurse, technician, and room views.

Information when and where you want it

Real-time web and mobile capabilities provide the latest schedules and configurable email/text notifications based on your preferences.

A smart system, that makes you smarter

With analytics and predictive insights, discover and optimize the factors affecting your clinic operations on a daily, monthly, and even seasonal basis.

Deploy in days, not weeks or months

Pre-built and flexible open interfaces make integration with Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems, time tracking, outlook/google calendars and devices (phones, tablets) a snap.

Meeting and exceeding security standards

HIPAA compliant role-based security capabilities define who can create, modify, view, and approve system entries based on your directives.

A solution that adapts to you, and not vice versa

Our easy-to-configure solution adapts to your processes, while other tools require you to completely change your processes to adapt to their system.

How long will it take?

The Kezava team will work alongside your clinic’s leadership and the clinic operations team to deliver a CMS that you can deploy in days, not weeks or months. Through Kezava’s configurable interface and our company’s experience adapting the platform for a variety of clinic settings, we can custom tailor Kezava CMS to meet your every operational need within days. You can expect a process that’s participatory—not prescriptive.

Good Plans

Map & Model

We will work with your clinic staff to baseline your workflows. Using Kezava’s configurable user interface, we will also adjust the screen layouts as needed.

Adapt & Deploy

we will quickly adapt Kezava CMS to model and optimize those workflows. We will integrate your existing data, whether it’s in legacy software, an Excel sheet or any other source. Deploy CMS at your clinic with our close support and guidance.

Train & Use

we will train your staff in minutes on how to use the intuitive interface from the web or mobile device to check schedules, request changes, and optimize schedules.

Optimize & Evolve

Kezava is purpose-built to grow and change with your clinic as you learn from its predictive insights and tweak your scheduling conventions, workflows, and more. Discover opportunities for increased efficiency based on Kezava’s analytics.

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