Good Plans

Agile, Intuitive, Enterprise Ready

The patent pending Kezava Platform redefines how you automate your business processes.

Don’t Develop, Configure

Use configurations to automate your processes without the custom software development price tag.

Kezava was designed to offer an alternative to expensive, time-consuming, and inflexible software development and customization.

The Kezava Process Automation Platform is an integrated, agile framework for automating manual processes currently based on paper, Excel/Desktop databases, or legacy-systems, into web and mobile applications with contextual reports and dashboards.

Kezava does not require software coding, empowering you to custom design your process using the Kezava process designer UI and easy-to-use configuration wizards.


Cincinnati Children’s Cardiology Division implements Kezava CMS to automate, integrate and optimize its ambulatory clinic operations.

Kezava Platform Overview


Fast-tracked process automation

Flexible and modular architecture enables design and implementation of custom applications in days (not months!) at a fraction of the cost of software development.

Designed by your business, for your business

You drive the design process, ensuring perfect fit and finish for your specific uses.

Iterative process automation

Quick and easy configuration enables and encourages iterative process automation and optimization.

Change is a constant, and easily supported

Platform flexibility means “change requests” are implemented in minutes and hours, not days and weeks.

Interoperability for inclusive integration

Open framework allows for upstream/downstream integration with new and existing systems and processes.

Kezava Process Automation

Good Plans


Identify the business processes that you need to automate. Implement them on the Kezava platform as configurable web and mobile applications, tailored to your specific business requirements.


Pick the business processes that need to connect. Define the integration points between different Kezava applications and non-Kezava applications. Interconnect the applications using Kezava’s easy to use integration framework to comprehensively cover your business needs.


Use Kezava’s built in Analytics and Insights module to monitor business metrics relevant to individual applications and the comprehensive solution.

Iteratively adapt the individual processes and the interconnectivity to optimize business outcomes.

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