Cincinnati Children's Hospital Leveraging Kezava Clinic Management System

Cardiology Division implements Kezava Clinic Management System, a product of Synaptris Inc. to automate and optimize its ambulatory clinic operations

White Plains NY, October 8, 2018 – The Cardiology Division at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital recently deployed the Kezava Clinic Management System (CMS). Kezava CMS is designed to empower clinic staff to better plan and manage the clinic schedule, while providing division leadership real-time visibility into the key metrics for ambulatory clinics.

Kezava CMS helps ambulatory clinics by making the management of clinic changes seamless and transparent. The up-to-date Cardiology clinic schedule is accessible to everyone in the hospital in real time.

Kezava CMS is designed to improve scheduling accuracy and transparency while significantly increasing operational efficiency as well as enhancing patient satisfaction.

Through the new system, clinic administrators and staff managers can integrate clinic schedules with staff schedules, gain timely insights about which clinics need resources and for how long, and ultimately provide more timely and efficient care when patients and their families need it most. Kezava CMS automates complex schedule assignments, assigning physicians, nurses, sonographers, and cardiovascular technicians, to be in the right place at the right time to serve patients.

Kezava Clinic Management System is designed for the challenges and opportunities of a busy and dynamic healthcare setting. It’s modular and flexible framework provides the unique ability to model and optimize existing clinic operations, rather than adapting clinic operations to the system. Kezava CMS integrated easily into Cincinnati Children’s Hospital IT and operations environment and was up and running in just a few days.

The Insights module of Kezava CMS provides analytics capabilities in real time that division leadership will use to optimize operations, and staff are already enjoying easy access to their schedules via web and email.

Tailored for the healthcare industry, Kezava Clinic Management System is an adaptation of the innovative Kezava ™ Process Automation Platform which has been successfully deployed in other fast-paced industries ranging from public transportation to banking.

“I greatly value our partnership with Cincinnati Children’s Hospital” says Madan S. Kumar, CEO of Synaptris. “We expect that Kezava CMS will free up precious time and resources for Cincinnati Children’s Hospital so they can do what they do best—provide world-class care for children.”

About Kezava Clinic Management System (Kezava CMS)

Kezava CMS is the only Clinic Management System that provides a comprehensive, flexible and agile approach to managing the physician, nurse, clinic staff, room and equipment schedules for outpatient clinics through one dynamic, interlinked schedule. Kezava is a product offering from Synaptris Inc. For more information, please visit

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